Friday, February 12, 2010


Here's a peek at some of the great orginal art I own from artist Ben Templesmith. Ben was the artist for 30 DAYS OF NIGHT and he also works on several other titles for IDW comics.

You can see the progression of pencil sketches of the main character's face (Jenn) and then the basic outline painting, then the finished black and white, and then the final photo-shopped version with the effects added in later. Truly an amazing work. I personally feel that this is the very best example of Ben's artwork I've ever seen. And not just because it's my character.

Below is another original ink drawing from Ben that came along with all of this other great stuff you see here. This one below is an ink original of John Constantine from the book, HELLBLAZER. (It was also a film called CONSTANTINE with Keanu Reeves).

I'll post more orignal art later from Adijin and Frank Miller.

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