Friday, January 22, 2010


Rock House - This is Lito and I doing what we used to love best - Shooting our guns in the old rock house outside El Paso city limits in the desert.

Phal - The villian for our comic/sci-fi epic known originally as "Shade" and later as "Digerati". Technically, this is an idol of Phal who was an ancient evil alien/demon creature who possessed humans as hosts and craved power.

Obsidian - Another villian from SHADE, she was the twin sister of Stilt and one of the four members of "The Square" (later changed to, "The Diamond").

Matt Matrix - My junior high era, mega-violent character. He drove a yellow jaguar convertible, used an .85 caliber machine pistol and a machete to kill, maim and destroy just about anyone in his path. He was the good guy.

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