Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Sci-Fi Lullaby

Welcome to my Sci-Fi Lullaby. I am writing this to myself, in the dark of cyberspace. Like talking to myself in the bathroom mirror of my mind.

There is no one here.

This blog is meant to provide a mental relief valve for my musings on science fiction and comicbooks.

Here I will talk about the various science fiction books I have in progress, and about my plans to eventually release a comic book or two based on my ideas and story concepts.

Many of my comic ideas are already cataloged at the Plastic Animal Studios link ( Those concepts were all in development between 2001 and 2003. We actually managed to produce a few ashcans, finished pages, short comics, and even saw print with one short comic ("Hard Video") in an anthology book ("Prophecy Anthology- vol.1").

At one time I used to write for Comic Book Resources ( interviewing comicbook writers and artists. I also used to write an opinion column on comics, sci-fi and culture called "Nut In The Shell".

That was a long time ago. Since then I've been focusing on my [Subversive Underground] writings (a weekly e-newsletter on subjects of spiritual formation, discipleship to Jesus, social justice, and house church). I've also self-published a couple of books on missional living and have a few more books on spiritual development planned for later this year.

This blog is not about any of that.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a venue for me to write about science fiction. I might write about other sci-fi authors I enjoy, or about comicbooks I'm writing, or about my own fiction work in-progress. I might also write about comicbooks that I enjoy, other writers I find inspiring, or websites I discover and want to catalog.

Down the road I have a plan to self-publish a few of my sci-fi books through I have a near complete "Hard Video" book in the bag. All that's left on that one is a last-pass of edits and maybe some polish and that sucker is ready to go to print. But I will wait on publishing that for now since my [Subversive] books have only just barely released and I want to focus on one thing at a time.

I have a second novel-in-progress called "UV:Target" which started out as a graphic novel back in the "Plastic Animal" years, and now languishes in search of a new artist. Still, the story continues to haunt me. I simply cannot get the stupid thing out of my head. It's alive. Yes. It's breathing at the back of my neck and I know I will not be able to rest until it eventually gets written as a novel, or at least completed in graphic novel format as originally intended.

So, I either need an artist or I need to get working on writing this novel.

While I push this to the back burner of my mind, I will randomly post my thoughts on this blog concerning matters of science fiction.

I will often publish original short stories here for fun. I will often ramble ad nauseum about my story in progress. I will often provide an impromptu review of a comic book I have recently discovered, or I might take the time to share my love for authors like Philip K. Dick, artists like Paul Pope, or films that touch something in me.

I'm writing this to myself.

There is no one here.

This is a whisper in the darkness.

My own voice echoing back at me in the hush.

Welcome to my Sci-Fi Lullaby.

Sleep tight.

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Lito said...

Do sci-fi bloggers dream of cyber sheep?